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vision u4 android

votre demo vision U4 bloque sur boot. essaies avec cette méthode → tu télécharges une MAJ sans la renommer: (sans la décompresser) → tu la mets dans une clé USB →tu mets le démo sous tension tout en maintenant le le bouton - (moins) du volume dans la façade du démo → il va apparaitre la capture ci-dessous. S12 Vision Technologie IP TV WIfI 3G VOD Smartphone RC DVB-S2 LAN Full HD U4 Vision Technologie Android XBMC (can be controled by smartphone et tablet) Clever III Vision Technology. طريقة عمل الويفي على vision u4 hd حصري وبالصور طريقة ادخال الشفرات للجهاز الجديدVISION U4 حصري الأجهزة Android XBMC مثل: PinacleIP Hybrid// Vision U4.

Keil µVision (free) download Windows version

Mode 3. Charging USB port 4. Memory Card Slot 5. HD camera 6. IR light 7. Power on Indicator light 8. Night vision Indicator light 9. Wifi Indicator light Green light: WiFi On. Under the case of wifi on, the green light bright. Power Off after long press and red light flashing 5 times. Auto return to video recording mode and blue light flashing. It can also be downloaded and installed by scanning instructions or two-dimensional codes on the outer packing box.

Long press again for 3 seconds, green light and WiFi Off. If meet other problem, please click HELP to inquiry. Note: the video recording will stop if out of APP or return back the interface vision u4 android watching video recording, vision u4 android. Change password: open the phone App and change it in the Settings.

After the password is changed, the device needs to be restarted before it takes effect, vision u4 android.

Charging by connecting to computer with USB cable. Recording and charging at same time. The red light is slow flash when charging, red light vision u4 android long bright after charging finished. Recording when charging: connecting to the charger, device will power on automatically, then the next step is same with power on operation.

Under the case of this mode, the device will not power off if no TF card or the card is full. Time will be updated after device connect WiFi, please operate vision u4 android App if no need the watermark of time, vision u4 android. Pay attention:. Please keep the lens at the distance of 50cm or more in a fully illuminated environment.

This will be correct, the color is natural, the scenery is clear vision u4 android the picture is stable. The device can be connected to the computer under the case of power on, standby and Power Off, and the device can use be USB flash for the file copy, paste, delete and format. Connect the device to USB port of computer, vision u4 android, the red light will long bright wh en the computer identify the device. You can make the data transmission wh en the red light slow flash with the sign of removable disk.

After the unit is connected to the computer, if the computer can not recognize it or the removable disk is vision u4 android ejected after 30 seconds, reset it again and again. Recommended TF card reader directly to read the video file to play, and directly through the USB connection to save the machine built-in memory in the video file, the data may be too large, the transmission can not keep up, and lead to playback is not smooth.

Each time you use the battery and then charge, about to charge about 2 to 3 hours to fill, the indicator light is filled as much as possible after 30 minutes to ensure that the battery is full of use. Please press the mode key and the power-on key at same time to reset if there is an abnormal or dead machine phenomenon happened, vision u4 android.

Because this product is the real HD DV, the product power consumption is larger than the Purple, vision u4 android, the shell material using zinc alloy parts, and the use of the product may be some hot state is normal, please do not worry about product failure, this product is After a long period of time after the test to ensure that the product is not quality problems when shipped, vision u4 android.

Matters needing attention Intended use: Please strictly abide by all relevant laws when using your Smart Charger. The product should not be used for any illegal purposes. Working temperature: Please use under natural room temperatures. The recorder may not function properly under extreme heat above body temperature.

Working humidity: Please do not put the product in an overly damp or humid working environment. The product is not waterproof, and may cease to function properly when wet e. Shooting illumination: Please avoid using the device under extreme light such as powerful spotlights or directsun to avoid damage to the lens. Cleaning: Avoid using in overly dusty environment, in order to protect the lens and other components from damage.

Home User Manual SQ Professional glass lens: HD glass lens provides more delicate images and dynamic videos. Real-time transmit videos to mobile device, 20 meters without barriers to mobile phones without the need for routers and broadband.

Resolution: p at 30fps p at 30 or 60fps p at 30 or 60fps.


SQ13 Mini WiFi Car DVR Action Camera. Instructions. English.


vision u4 android


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